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Your Success is Our Motto

The driving force behind all actions at Nord Forex India Pvt Ltd is to make currency trading easy and lucrative for YOU. We leverage all our knowledge and expertise to ensure that you have a smooth experience and make fruitful decisions.

Offering Investors a Chance to Participate in Currency Derivatives Trading

Nord Forex India Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of currency trading services in India. We pride ourselves on offering timely and sound advice and support to our clients. This is because we have a team of experts who have several years of experience in the forex market. Offering a wide range of trading services to Indian institutional and retail investors since 2010, Nord Forex is a well known name in the area of currency derivatives trading.

Optimum Solutions to Investors

We exploit the latest technology to offer you cost effective solutions. We offer a high-tech trading platform for the benefit of our clients. The expertise of our promoters in the currency markets and a 24x7 customer support system are our other strengths. Nord Forex offers customers a chance to carry out trades on the National Stock Exchange, or the NSE, and the United Stock Exchange of India Limited, or USEIL. Our customers can trade in any of the major currency pairs, including the INR/USD, INR/GBP and the INR/JPY. We welcome all queries about currency trading and ensure that you have all your doubts resolved whether you are trading in currency futures or currency options. Our expert and dedicated management team, high technology solutions, a highly efficient customer support system enable our clients to trade successfully in the highly volatile, yet liquid currency market. Our customized solutions for institutional and retail clients enable them to hedge risks associated with currency trading.

Educating Investors About Currency Trading

Our clients have access to a range of services, including educational programs and sessions about the working of the currency markets and the derivatives segment under one roof. Our membership of the NSE and the USEIL allows us to deal in all the major currency pairs and cater to the requirement of a variety of investors, such as:




Nord Forex clients have the advantage of:

Nominal Brokerage Charged

Online Fund Deposit & Withdrawals Facility

Access Trading on Smartphone Devices, Tablets etc

Prompt and Efficient Back office Support Services

Latest Market News Available Online

The vast experience of our management team enables us to offer world class services to our clients enabling them to have a fruitful experience in the derivatives trading segment.


Our mission is to act as a proponent of growth for our clients with our superior solutions and best business practices to become a leading name in the Currency Trading industry.


Our vision is to usher in a revolution by providing world class derivative trading services to Indian investors and enhance the value of customer investments, with the commitment to contribute to the growth of the society at large.